Easter 5 (May 10, 2020)

Dear Members and Friends of Holy Trinity,

A blessed 5th Sunday of Easter to you all, and a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and those who provide motherly care.

Due to a number of circumstances beyond my control (including a reappearance of illness/symptoms that have prompted yet ANOTHER period of 7 day self-isolation for me), the promised worship service/devotion in my last note to you will not be ready for distribution today. Thankfully, it was not necessarily particular to either the 5th Sunday of Easter, nor was it particular to Mother’s Day. So, it will be ready (fingers crossed) for you all next week.

I am thankful for the wonderful sharing of resources amongst my colleagues at the churchwide offices, at the synod office, and in other congregations throughout the country. So, for the 5th Sunday of Easter, I hope you enjoy seeing a familiar face. I am thankful for Pastor Heather Apel (Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership for the I-K Synod) and her powerful, faithful witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Heather’s sermon for the 5th Sunday of Easter can be found here:

A Sunday school lesson for the 5th Sunday of Easter can be found here:


A deep thanks to those of you who have been so generous during this time of the COVID-19 wilderness. Please continue that generosity by sending gifts to the church, or by giving online at our website (holytrinitync.org).

Please be watching for an update on Monday regarding Holy Trinity’s plans as we move forward in these next weeks toward in-person worship.

I close with a prayer for Mother’s Day:

God of all creation,
pour out your blessing on all mothers
and those who provide motherly care.
You have made them in your image
and given them children to love and care for in your name.
Bless them with a heart like your heart:
loving and kind, comforting and strong,
nurturing and grace-filled.
As they participate in your ongoing creativity,
give them discernment
to help their children discover their unique gifts.
As they teach their children,
grant them wisdom to know what is truly valuable.
As they strive to share your unconditional love,
give them long-suffering patience and a lively sense of humor.
As they model your mercy,
help them extend the forgiveness
they themselves freely receive from you.
In all circumstances fortify their faith,
that they may love you above all.
We ask this in Jesus’ name.